Concealed Weapon or Firearm License Renewal

State of Florida

A Florida Concealed Weapon or Firearm License (CW License) holder may renew their license on this website.
Please note that upon making payment or submitting your renewal on this website, the renewal process CANNOT be completed at a Division of Licensing regional office or tax collector office.
For assistance, contact the Division of Licensing directly at (850)245-5691.
To renew your CW license, please have the following available:
To renew your CW license, the following requirements must be met:
Document Requirements for a Name Change
If you specify a name change, you will need to upload a copy
of the legal document evidencing your name change.

Acceptable documents would typically be:
   a) Marriage Certificate;
   b) Divorce Decree;
   c) Adoption Decree;
   d) Court Order.

If the document contains multiple pages (including two-side
printing), all pages of the document must be scanned into a single
document. That document can be scanned-in and subsequently
uploaded to the Florida DOACS, Division of Licensing, using this website.

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